Spring 2017

Goderich 29 April 2017

Spring 2016

Led by Harshaprabha

Goderich = 14 May
Guelph = 15 May

Program the same for Goderich & Guelph:-
Start 10.30am Introduction to Mindfulness of Breathing meditation and practicing it. Tea break. Introduction to Sangha (Spiritual Community) followed by discussion.
End 1.00pm 

Start 2.30pm Introduction to Metta Bhavana meditation and practicing it. Tea break. Introduction to What Supports a Buddhist Life followed by discussion. 
End 5.00pm 

Goderich Events to be held at Paula Harris’s house:-
124 Brimicombe Crescent
N7A 4M2

Guelph Events to be held at Living Yoga & Health
105 Wyndham St N

No charge for the Events.
Donations most welcome.

Spring 2015

On 10th June I returned back from a two week trip to Ontario, Canada where I went to lead eight Newcomers Events in two towns (Goderich & Sudbury) and a city (Guelph).

It was my best and most travelled trip ever. Kindness was a recurrent theme. This I experienced from the time I got on the plane to go there to the time I walked off the plane on my return.

I started two days after arriving by driving two hours to Goderich on Lake Huron to lead an Event on the first Friday night where 19 people attended and then the next day another one in a different location in the town where 8 attended. The next day I led two Events in Guelph which were attended by 5 and then 3 people. The following weekend I was driven five hours to Sudbury to lead two Events on the Saturday and Sunday. 8 came for the Saturday and 6 for the Sunday. 
What was interesting in Sudbury was that the event was held at Finlandia Village, a lovely retirement village with a good variety of options for living and so well looked after. The woman I first spoke to in the small hall we hired was a member of the kitchen staff. I noticed her accent wasn’t Canadian or Finnish! She originated from Crystal Palace in London, UK and had moved to Canada to live with family in the town since her husband died four years ago!!

Those who attended each of the events were genuinely looking to make more of their spiritual lives and most wish to remain in contact.

In between Newcomers activities I met friends in all the places mentioned, some I have known since 2004. It was great to catch up with their lives and times and them mine.

I had one day in Toronto where I spent a good part of the day with Suprabha and her husband Govind from Nagpur. They were there for a month visiting their daughter Shruti who is a friend.

I had a much stronger impression that it would be good to return and live in Canada if opportunities allowed. I wonder what those opportunities might be!?

Sudbury Saturday 6 June at Finlandia Village
Sudbury 2015

See under Retreats for details.


September 2011

There is an interest in setting up a Triratna Buddhist Community Group in Montreal.  Two Friends there have appreciated what our Buddhist Movement has to offer and are in communication with Harshaprabha and a French woman Order Member to set up a group there.  This would be a great development.

Buddhapalita from Missoula, Montana visited Toronto at the end of September 2010 to market Tipus Chai at at The Canadian Coffee and Tea Show.  Buddhapalita was Ordained with Harshaprabha in Tuscany 1982

Melissa, Joe and Harshaprabha spent an excellent evening with him.

Melissa, Buddhapalita and Joe

Harshaprabha, Melissa and Joe



Would like to support my work in Ontario, Canada? 

Friends from Guelph, Goderich and Toronto remain loyal and interested in the Triratna Buddhist Community. I would like you financially assist me in my visits.

I visit twice a year and on all occasions notice that the Dharma as communicated by Sangharakshita has an uplifting effect on all that come in contact with it.

To find out more please visit my web page :-

With heartfelt thanks and appreciation from Harshaprabha

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