Born 1953. Swansea, S. Wales, Great Britain. Parents from NE Scotland. One of three children, older sister and younger brother.

Brought up in Aden, S. Arabia, Scotland and S. Wales.

Made contact with the Triratna Buddhist Community in 1974 in London, Great Britain.

Lived in Buddhist Communities for many years in London (Sukhavati) and Colchester.

Ordained in 1982 by Urgyen Sangharakshita at Il Convento, Tuscany, Italy. Set up a Buddhist Right Livelihood in 1981. Octagon Architects + Designers. Business closed in 2002.

Founding Order Member of Colchester Buddhist Centre (opened in 1998). First visited in 1988. Left Colchester for Guelph, Ontario in 2004. Returned from Guelph to Great Britain 2005.

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