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There are at present no structured Triratna activities in Ontario, however it is Harshaprabha's wish to establish Triratna here.

Harshaprabha visits Toronto, Goderich and Guelph twice a year to offer day and/or weekend events for those wishing to explore Buddhism and meditation. The visits also enable him to keep in regular contact with his Buddhist friends and family. His father who died in 2011, moved from the UK to the GTA in 1993 to remarry. It was his closeness to his father and visiting him and his new family that inspired Harshaprabha to leave the UK for Guelph in 2004 having secured work there. Sadly the work only lasted 7 months and he was forced to return in 2005. Since the Fall of 2006 he returns regularly to keep alive his friendships with those he met in 2004 and 2005 as well as others from subsequent visits.

One of the unique qualities of Triratna is spiritual friendship. It was this that Urgyen Sangharakshita built Triratna on and is something felt and experienced at Triratna, Groups, Centres and Retreat Centres.

The Triratna Buddhist Community

The Triratna Buddhist Community is a worldwide Buddhist movement in over 20 countries teaching and practicing Buddhism suitable for people, at all levels of commitment, living in the modern world.

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