Welcome to the website of the Triratna Buddhist Community Ontario. This is a website of potential. It introduces the Triratna, its founder and resources. At present there are no structured Triratna activities in Ontario, however it is the wish of Harshaprabha to establish the Triratna in this fine Province. Harshaprabha visits Toronto, Goderich and Guelph twice a year to keep in contact with his Buddhist friends and family. His father who died in 2011, re-married in 1993 and moved from the UK to the GTA. Harshaprabha lived in Guelph for a year from 2004 till 2005 having secured work there. Sadly the work only lasted 7 months and he was forced to return to Great Britain in 2005. He kept in touch with his friends who he had introduced meditation and Buddhism to and it is through them and his yearly visits that others have developed an interest in this form of Buddhism founded by Urgyen Sangharakshita in London, England in 1967.

The Triratna Buddhist Community
The Triratna Buddhist Community is an international network dedicated to communicating Buddhist truths in ways appropriate to the modern world. The essence of Buddhism is timeless and universal. But the forms it takes always adapt according to context. Now that Buddhism is spreading around the globe, the task is to create new Buddhist traditions relevant to the 21st century. During the past 45 years the Triratna Buddhist Community has become one of the largest Buddhist movements, with activities in many cities and rural retreat centres around the world.
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