End of Retreat Photo

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Beki's view

Harshaprabha and Nagarkshita shared the meditation practices and explored the teachings with light and enthusiasm. They both have such kindness and presence that learning was truly a shared experience rather than just having something told to you. From the moment we all first gathered together, the weekend was a beautiful experience of openhearted community. We lived together with the intention of really being present, and the practices encouraged and deepened our connections with ourselves and one another. The days were filled with delicious food, beautiful nature, heartfelt laughter and rich, deep silence. I walked away from the experience feeling uplifted, renewed and incredibly grateful.

Dennis's view

The weekend retreat was a wonderful first experience with a great balance of meditation, socializing and study. It was an atmosphere endearing openness, and honest dialogue and everyone quickly felt safe and comfortable enough to participate in deeper and personal discussions. By the end everyone was sad to leave. It proved a great introduction to the Buddhist way of life and gave me much to try and incorporate into my everyday life. It was inspiring to spend two full days and nights with a group of people of like mind and values, it gives me strength to believe that I am on the right path even if I never become a full time Buddhist�it is the tenants and philosophy that resonates into the future.


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